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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml

Provenance: Italy

We started producing this oil in 1989, using organic farming procedures that are adopted and acknowledged internationally. Our Rustico® extra virgin olive oil is certified by Consorzio Prodotti Biologici (Consortium for Organic Products).

Panel test: ripe fruity, delicate flavour.

Recommended usage: ideal for raw vegetable starters, lake fish.


  • The package contains 6 x 500 ml bottles
  • Price for 6 x 500 ml bottles € 47,40 (1litre € 15,80)
Package details: 6 x 500 ml bottles
Price € 47,40
Misure Unit: Confezione 6 bottiglie da 0,50 lt
olio extravergine di oliva biologico rustico 050